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Mysterious PLC Control Application in Copper Granulator

Nowadays, industrial automation has been an important mark to measure the level of modernization of every industry. Meanwhile, the development of control system has gone through three steps: classic control system, modern control system and intelligent control system. PLC control system is one of the widely used intelligent control system.

What is PLC control system? 
PLC control system (programmable logic controller), adopting a programmable memorizer, is a kind of computer exclusively used in industrial control. Its hardware structure is same with microcomputers, the basic parts of which are power supply, CPU, memorizer, input and output interface circuit, functional module and communication module. The whole process is divided into three steps: input sampling phase, user program execution phase and out refresh phase.

The role of PLC control system in machinery production
With its superior performance, PLC control system is widely welcomed in machinery production .The main features of PLC control system are:
It has flexible system composition and easily-broaden capacity, being able to constitute complex control system with host computer for realizing integrated automation in the whole producing process.
It is very convenient to use. The operator needs no computer knowledge. Therefore, the development circle of PLC control system is short and it is easy to test. Moreover, the operator can modify the program on line without dismantling hardwire.
It can adapt to a variety of harsh environments, strong anti-jamming capacity and reliability, which is better than other models.

The machines applying PLC control system

PLC control system are widely used in various modern machines, such as numerical control machine, grain dryer, automatic packing machine, etc, ensuring them have a better performance. Take the copper wire granulator of Whirlston for example. All modes of its copper wire granulator are equipped with PLC control system, providing you a more reliable operation and a higher copper recycling purity.