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Brief Introduction on Copper Cable Granulator

What is Copper Cable Granulator?
Copper cable granulator, also named scrap wire recycling equipment , is a machine used for crushing copper scrap and later separating copper from the plastic. It belongs to environmental protection equipment.

The Classification of Copper Cable Granulator
Nowadays, the copper cable granulator is mainly divided into three kinds, that is, dry-type , wet- type and static-type.

Dry-type copper cable granulator
The so-called dry-type copper cable granulator is a machine without water participating in the separation. Copper cable granulator of this kind mainly adopts environmental protection methods to separate, such as air classifiers or air shaker or static. The general process is:crushing---sorting with air classifiers---collecting dust. 
Wet-type copper cable granulator
Wet separation is a traditional method, of which the idea is coming from mineral select, It mainly uses gravity shaker to separate copper from the plastic. The general process is: crushing( with water)---gravity shaker(with water). Since it needs water in the process of production, it will cause little secondary pollution, but can efficiently recycle miscellaneous wires and plug wires,etc.
Static-type copper cable granulator
Static-type copper cable granulator is primarily used in recycling and separating miscellaneous wires of our life. As the name reflects, it employs high voltage electrostatic separation.The theory of this method is based on the difference of charge type and conductivity produced by metals and plastics under high voltage electrostatic.

How to Choose a Good Copper Cable Granulator?
The main  method to choose the copper cable granulator is to test machine. The customer bring his own raw material and check the purity of the copper granule and the content of copper in the plastic produced by he copper cable granulator. Secondly, the customer should care about the quality of the equipment itself. It is the machine of good quality that can be operated for a long time. As how to judge the quality of a copper cable granulator, you need pay attention to welding technology and the thickness of material. Besides, we also should notice its energy consumption. Good electrical machine not only has little energy consumption but also have little noise.