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Brief Introduction on Wire Stripper Machine

What is Wire stripper machine?

Wire stripping machine is a kind of machine stripping the plastic coving the wire from the metal core. Due to the diversity of the diameter, species and composition of wires, there are different models of wire stripping machine meeting your requirements, such as short fine line type, big square type, row line type and coaxial type. As people of many regions are relying on a variety of machines, wire stripping machine is widely used in the wire and cable recycling field.

The Classification of Wire Stripping Machine

Owing to the development of the manufacturing technology of wire strippers, our customers have more diversified choices.The main kinds of wire stripping machine are intelligent wire stripper, high speed wire stripper, automatic wire stripper, electric wire stripper and pneumatic wire stripper,etc. As for how to choose the proper model, it depends on your requirements and the price you want to pay.

Basic Parts of Wire Stripping Machine

The following are the basic parts of wire stripping machine:

Entry capstan: Input wires and strip the front part of wires. When the length of the wire line is below 50mm, both the ends of the wire lines can be stripped.
Exit capstan: Output wires and strip the other end of wires.

Gap adjustment knob for entry capstan: Adjust the gap between entry capstans. Swirl it up, the gap increases; otherwise, it decrease. All these depends on the diameter of the wires.
Pressure adjustment knob for entry capstan: Adjust the pressure of entry capstan.Clockwise swire the knob, the pressure increases, or it will decrease. It is up to the degree of difficulty of stripping wires. If it is difficult, you need to increase the pressure; on the contrary, you need decrease the pressure.

Lift button for entry knob: Lift the entry knob when the wires pass. Clockwise swirl the button is to lift the entry knob; rather, it is to lay down the entry knob when the wires have passed.

Gap adjustment knob for exit capstan:The working principle of it is same with the gap adjustment for entry capstan.

Pressure adjustment knob for exit capstan: The operating principle of it is different from the pressure adjustment knob for entry capstan.Anticlockwise swirl it, the pressure increases and clockwise swirl it, the pressure decreases.

Lift button for exit capstan: When take out the wires, you should lift exit button. Anticlockwise swirl the button, it will lift the exit capstan, otherwise, it will lay down the exit button.

Cutter assembly: Responsible for cutting wires and strip two ends in the wire stripping machine. Under machine halt, upper and lower blade should be open to the largest extent so that wires are able to pass the cutter assembly.